H & S PARTNERS LTD - Quality Print Finisher for over 30 years
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H & S Partners = Quality

H & S Partners have good relations with quality local printers. This enables us to offer very competitive prices at all stages of production.

Our die cutters are rubbered with profile rubber which helps to prevent board shattering and enables us to keep our notch sizes to a minimum.

Our experienced staff's knowledge of notch placement enables us to keep the notches small and discreet so that the eye is not drawn to them.

During the running of your job our cutting operators are ever watchful in keeping an eye out for print/ sheet variation & registration issues.

At the gluing and windowing stage, every handful is checked for an accurate glue line and any imperfections. They are then carefully packed into specially selected outers.

From the very small to the very large.
Carefully packed into specially selected outers

A large number of our customers are happy for us to deliver the goods directly to their clients without the need for prior inspection of the finished job, trusting in H & S Partners quality and reliability.

H & S Partners Ltd. Forstal Road, Aylesford, Kent
Quality print finishing for over 30 Years.